Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS)


As the name suggests, the cataract surgery is performed through incisions that are less than 1.8 mm. They are minimally invasive and provide much better results. This reduces post procedure complications dramatically.

Cataract surgery performed through very small incisions.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed. From the time of the first cataract surgery the search for a more convenient method, a smaller incision and quicker recovery has been on. Improved methods and newer technology have through the years decreased the size of incisions dramatically. Phacoemulsification was the standard method of cataract removal used across the world. This requires an incision of approximately 3mm. With the continual development of microinstruments and advances in phacoemulsification instruments and technology there has been a gradual and incremental reduction in the size of the incisions leading to Microincision Cataract Surgery.

What is Microincision Cataract Surgery?
Cataract surgery performed through incisions as small as 1.8 mm is called Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS). MICS is minimally invasive and provides much one of the best results. Any person with any grade or severity of cataract is suitable for the minimally invasive MICS.

MICS uses lesser phaco energy or ultrasound during surgery as the incision is very small. The surgery is so much safer and heals more quickly than phacoemulsification surgery.

Advantages of MICS

  • Very small incision that heals very quickly
  • Suitable for diabetic patients
  • Surgery induced astigmatism is reduced
  • Lesser need for corrective glasses
  • Fast recovery of vision
  • Premium IOLs used to give best vision
  • Suitable for patients with corneal compromise and zonal weakness
  • No anaesthesia, stitches, bandages
  • Quick return to normal activities
  • Lesser follow-up visits to doctor

MICS is the proven method of minimally traumatic cataract surgery. It provides one of the best post surgery outcomes and is much better than standard phacoemulsification. It uses a high degree of surgical innovation, advanced phacoemulsification surgical platforms that rely on pressurized fluidic control and new surgical instruments. MICS is a highly sophisticated cataract surgery that offers better control to surgeons so you get better surgical outcomes, quick results and minimum disruption of normal life.

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