Cataract can be removed by various ways. The most common way is Phacoemulsification. It is safe and provides excellent results. Two small incisions of about 2 mm are made in the cornea.  A Phaco probe breaks down (emulsifies), the cataract into small pieces using Ultrasound energy. The broken down lens is sucked out. A foldable intraocular lens, IOL, is fixed in the place of the removed lens.

Renowned ophthalmic surgeons and latest technology at Lotus deliver great results and good vision quality post the surgery.

Advantages of Phacoemulsification

  • Fast outpatient procedure
  • Extremely safe
  • Infection chances greatly reduced
  • Great vision quality
  • Small incisions that do not require stitches
  • Quick recovery

How is the recovery process?

As the incisions made are very small, they do not require stitches and heal completely within a few days. You will have to visit your doctor a few days and a few weeks after the surgery. Later you may be prescribed glasses if required. Post operative eye drops are prescribed to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. The eye drops have to be used strictly as per schedule to avoid complications. There will be improvement in vision almost immediately and steadily improve over 4-5 weeks. You can return to normal activity within a few days of the surgery.


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