Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”.


LOTUS is the Magnus Opus of Dr. S.K. Sundaramoorthy and it is your company’s founder’s prowess and propensity that have induced, influenced & inspired the greatness of this organization today. Therefore, it is indeed with subservience and servility that this honor and veneration is recognized.


The times have been querulous, but rest assured LOTUS your company is devoting all its efforts diligently and industriously towards its resolution and its successful rewarding implementation and predominantly have succeeded towards its core.


The ambition and objectives is to actualize and institute an earnest, unrelenting and persisting organization that sustains and enhances stakeholder expectations and need. Your management is apprehended with all around competent sophistication and it would be ours corroborative efforts that garrison the great heights your organization is ordained to be.


– Dr. Kavetha Sundaramoorthy M.D.,

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