Fellowship in Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy


This residency course is a 1 year intensive training program. It is designed to provide intensive clinical experience in evaluating patients with Binocular Vision (BV) Anomalies and intervening with advanced Vision Therapy (VT) procedures. The fellowship will help to understand the specialized evaluation protocols and providing vision therapy for patients with visual issues due to ocular muscle problems. The fellowship also trains the candidates to set up a BV & VT clinic in a hospital and Private practice set up.

Course Director : Ms. Rinku Elizabeth Roy, BSc Opt. Fellow in BV & VT (In-charge BV clinic)

Course Instructor : Mrs. Revathy R, B S Opt. Mphil (Principal- LBLIO)

Course Details:

Eligibility BSC /M Phil/ MS / Diploma in Optometry with 5 years experience
No of seats 2 per year
Duration 1 year
Commencement January December 2017
Hostel facility Provided along with Food only for girls

The objectives of the fellowship include
To learn the Strabismic and Non-strabismic binocular vision anomalies.
To review basic refraction techniques including over fogging procedures.
To learn the basic Binocular Vision (BV) assessments and nuances in diagnosing the BV anomalies
To plan for Vision Therapy protocols for the BV conditions.
To diagnose and manage Pseudomyopia.
To diagnose Computer Vision Syndrome and Management.
To isolate the palsied muscle in Cranial nerve( III,IV &IV) palsies
To learn Diplopia and Hess charting and interpretation of the results.
To measure the diplopia and to prescribe prisms for diplopia
To learn to assess vision, sensory motor tests in children
To learn to rule out Amblyopia and its management.
To learn about Nystagmus and its optometric evaluation and intervention.
To learn tom write case reports for publication in Optometry Journals

For more details contact : Mrs. Revathi R
Ph. No: +91 7708111031
Email: lotus. academicshead@gmail.com