Patient Guidelines


We understand the significance of your time and the various responsibilities that you have to honor every day, both professional and with family or companions. To empower you to plan your day better, we have given underneath a complete manual for your visit to the hospital, alongside estimated average waiting and procedure execution times at each phase of the consultation procedure. Please be aware that all time durations mentioned are taken based on average patients we get on a day and hence actual might vary from the estimated time.



Call our friendly staff & request an appointment below

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Our staff will check for the doctor’s availability & confirm your appointmentYou can visit the hospital & consult with our physicians


Please report at the reception on the pre-booked appointment time.

Meet our Patient attender and take their help in doctor consultation

If you are new patient please fill an information form, this will help us to serve you better.

Optometrist will enquire you as soon as possible will take your medical & surgical history, check vision & eye pressure. Please inform us if you have an allergy to any medicine or food items.

If necessary eye drops will be put to dilate the pupils, this usually takes 25 to 30 minutes.

Will now be examined by a concerned consultant, you might have to wait for your turn, please be assured that you will be given the

necessary time & all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.

Once the pupils are dilated the anterior segment is examined by a doctor to save your precious time.

If necessary patients will be reviewed again by a consultant or junior consultant.

Treatments such as a laser, minor surgeries may be performed same day to avoid multiple visits by patients.

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