Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro ophthalmology deals with visual problems, which are due to disorders of the brain. The eye is not an isolated organ acting independently. It is an extension of the brain and it sends visual impulses into the brain and lets the brain recognise the images seen by the eye. Thus some disorders of the brain can involve the visual nerve fibres in its substance and cause visual disturbances.


What are some of the most common neuro-ophthalmological diseases?

  • Optic nerve disorders, such as optic neuritis
  • Ischemic optic neuropathy, compressive optic neuropathies, Leber’s optic neuropathy
  • Visual field defects related to stroke or multiple sclerosis
  • Double vision from ocular motor nerve palsies
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Orbital tumors
  • Blepharospasm and other involuntary facial movements
  • Pupillary abnormalities (e.g., anisocoria or uneven pupils)

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