Zyoptix Supracor

Lotus has launched Zyoptix Supracor – German Technology for the first time in Tamilnadu. Lasik procedure for 40 plus age group for presbyopia (near vision) correction. It also corrects near, intermediate and distance vision correction.

What are the special features or Uniqueness of Zyoptix Supracor?

Zyoptix Supracor laser technology was recently introduced globally by Technolas – German. This CE Mark approved technology will corrects near, distance and intermediate vision defects in less than 20-seconds and also maintains good vision. Zyoptix Supracor procedures maintain the nature of shape of the eye during the treatment.

Using Technolas 217P German technology laser platform for Supracor treatment improves focus depth by altering the Q values and inducing a shape that is hyper prolate. Other algorithms for presbyopic treatment create aberrations inside the region of the pupil, which are undesired. Supracor provides treatment that does not create these undesired aberrations.

What are the advantages of Zyoptix Supracor?

Zyoptix Supracor technique eliminates the need for reading glasses.

Zyoptix Supracor is not only suitable for presbyopia patients but also for patients who have previously undergone a Lasik  procedure.

Why Lotus?

Lotus has been the pioneer in Lasik laser treatment and first eye hospital in India to introduce Multiscan Lasik in the year 1998. Lotus always goes for upgrades to new technologies as and when new innovations introduced. Lotus now has Zyoptix Ultimate and Zyoptix Supracor the world’s best personalized vision correction for the first in Tamilnadu. Lotus has performed over 35,000  Lasik procedures in addition to Epilasik, Zyoptix and Intralase Lasik, etc.,

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