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Laser treatment has always been a popular option for treating refractive errors in eyes. The reason for the rise in popularity is due to the fact that laser-based surgeries are mostly painless and offer effective long-term solutions for a vast variety of eye problems.

LASIK has been around for quite a few years now and has laid the foundation stone for more such methods to offer versatile corrective solutions for eye problems. These techniques and their associated apparatus have made their way into hospitals across the nation, enabling people across rural and urban areas alike, to avail the power of laser-assisted eye surgery.

One of the cutting-edge technologies in this field is SCHWIND’s AMARIS line of surgical equipment. This compact excimer laser brings with it an approach to eye surgery that redefines the technique in its own unique way.


The Schwind AMARIS apparatus is an efficient eye laser apparatus that is used to correct refractive errors in the eye and perform corneal surgery. The hallmarks of this excimer laser apparatus range are – it is fast, efficient and precise at surgical procedures. This is vital for a process that requires as much accuracy and tact such as eye surgery.

What’s unique about it?

Schwind AMARIS offers the path-breaking feature of touch-less surgery, which greatly streamlines the process of corrective surgery. The touch-less technique is facilitated thanks to the high-precision swivelling laser arm, that increases the level of control that the doctor has during the surgery. SCHWIND also accommodates cyclotorsion in the eyes, correcting even minuscule eye orientation defects. This touchless method also works well for the patients, keeping their comfort in mind and rendering the surgery entirely hassle-free.


  • 6D – Eye surgery is a procedure that requires perfect investigation to locate the anomaly in the eyes, which are usually microscopic. In that regard, the precision that SCHWIND AMARIS offers is valuable for eye surgery.
  • Painlessness – SCHWIND AMARIS improves on existing laser surgical techniques by being virtually painless, thanks to its touch-free nature. Save for a slight prickly feeling in the eye, you will experience no pain after the surgery.
  • Precision – The excimer laser used in SCHWIND AMARIS is currently the thinnest laser beam in use for optic surgery. This enables the apparatus to perform more intricate operations in the corneal region as compared to more conventional lasers. The SCHWIND AMARIS uses a laser that is just 0.54 mm in diameter.
  • Energy Adjustment – Energy Adjustment. As a step further in its precision surgery offering, SCHWIND AMARIS also comes with two unique power settings: High energy and low energy. The apparatus uses high-energy beams to get the initial ablation and tissue removal out of the way. Once more intricacy is required, AMARIS switches to low-energy mode. This allows for the perfect combination of speed and power for eye surgery.

SCHWIND AMARIS is a revolutionary technology in the field of optic surgery that is offered at the best eye hospitals in India. Lotus Eye Hospital, as one of the leading eye hospitals in South India, has the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S as part of its eye surgery facilities. The apparatus was introduced and inaugurated by Dr. Tamilisai Soundarrajan.

SCHWIND AMARIS 750S Rotating System

How long does the surgery last?

The SCHWIND AMARIS 750s is designed to minimize the treatment tone and render the process as painless and hassle-free as possible for the patient. Usually, the treatment is completed in one session, and you can resume your daily activities a day later. However, in certain cases, the doctor may recommend multiple laser sessions, if the eye issue at hand is more complex. At Lotus, the eye specialist will guide you through every step of the process, be it consultation or surgery.

How the AMARIS manages to be faster than most other methods is in its operation method. Once primed, 750 minuscule flashes of laser light per second are used to sculpt the corneal tissue as per the surgeon’s direction. This allows the SCHWIND AMARIS to remove around 1 Dioptres’ worth of refractive aberrations within just above a second. As a result, on average, the AMARIS is three times faster and more efficient than conventional laser methods. As the process involves light radiation, the procedure is completely non-invasive.

Pinpoint Accuracy Procedure

With SCHWIND AMARIS, your surgeon can monitor every single microscopic movement that your eyeball makes with respect to its orientation, in real-time. While this is made possible due to the 6D tracking feature, there is an additional feature known as pachymetry. This is also a real-time facility, that allows the surgeon to visualize the corneal thickness as the operation proceeds. Pachymetry assists the surgeon in having a clear idea of how much corneal tissue has been operated upon and ablated, and how much is remaining to be removed.

What can the AMARIS treat?

The AMARIS 750 can be used to treat a wide variety of refractive problems in the eye efficiently. Specifically, in the corneal region, the excimer laser of the AMARIS apparatus can be used to remove any anomalies in the corneal tissue with great accuracy. Basically, the AMARIS 750 can do everything other laser surgical techniques can do, albeit more efficiently. This apparatus can treat common eye ailments that people face, such as presbyopia and other sight problems.



AMARIS is excellent at what it does, and the statistical evidence is promising. 98 percent of people having undergone SCHWIND treatment report that their vision has become near-perfect post the surgery. It even improves the vision of people who have power and are long-time spectacles users. AMARIS has also been reported to increase contrast perception abilities in affected eyes after the procedure.

SCHWIND AMARIS 750S is truly cutting-edge, increasing the capabilities of eye surgery. It is currently the only laser system apparatus in worldwide circulation that offers all-laser surgery functionality in one device.

We at Lotus Eye hospital are proud to be among the first specialized eye hospitals in South India to bring the benefit of this advanced system to our patients, to treat their eye ailments with new-age technology.

Cutting edge Technology installed at Lotus RS Puram Center. First Time in Tamilnadu & One of it’s kind in India.

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