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Advances in science and technology have brought significant benefits and advantages to the treatment of eye diseases. Among other technologies, lasers have proved especially useful in eye care, where they are used to correct refractive errors to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute have been one of the pioneers of Lasik laser eye surgery in India and committedly pioneering in technological revolution in Lasik and helping thousands of patients from across the globe to see the world better than ever before. Lasik is performed in four centers at Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem and Kochi.

Lasik procedure consists of two steps. First making a thin hinged flap on the cornea, after lifting the flap Zyoptix Ultimate procedure is performed on the bed of the flap. The corneal flap is repositioned after the completion of treatment. It takes 10-15 minutes for the both the eyes.

The Lasik flap creation can be performed in two ways: i.e., using a mechanical microkeratome and 100% blade free Femtosecond laser (Intralase – Intralase has many advantages).


Lower Order aberrations – consist primarily of myopia (near sightness), hyperopia (far sightness) as well as astigmatism (distorted vision). These aberrations are relatively simple aberrations and are thus called lower order aberrations. Lower order aberrations affect how much you can see (visual acuity measured by the standard eye chart) but not how well you can see in terms of contrast sensitivity and fine details.

Higher order aberrations – are more complex imperfections of your entire eye which includes coma, trefoil and spherical aberration. Higher order aberration may influence your quality of vision as they may lead to disturbances such as glare, halos, night driving problems, loss of contrast sensitivity, etc., No eye is perfect which means that all eyes have at least some degree of higher order aberrations (pre existing aberrations). Even the Lasik procedure itself may induce higher order aberrations (post Lasik aberrations) as an unwanted side effect. You may achieve 20/20 vision but your quality of vision may not be as good

How the aberrations are measured?

The world’s latest Zyoptix 217 P Lasik platform from Technolas Zyoptix Work Station has Orbscan IIZ which helps the surgeons to evaluate the size, shape, elevation, curvature, thickness of the cornea measured.

The state of the art Zywave Aberrometer is the best way to measure eye aberrations, pupil size, pupil centre shift and iris registration.

Why Zyoptix Ultimate?

Zyoptix Ultimate is the premium Lasik Laser treatment for vision correction and it is delivered with 217-P Platform from Technolas. The TECHNOLAS laser is the first laser system in the world to employ Iris recognition technology and an active multidimensional eye tracker to track all movements of your eye for enhanced safety and accuracy. Zyoptix 217P offers Zyoptix Ultimate and Zyoptix Supracor(Lasik for 40 plus age group for presbyopia correction). Zyoptix Ultimate has raised the lasik quality standard to a higher level.

    • Zyoptix Ultimate is superior because it precisely corrects not only the existing aberrations but also post Lasik aberrations.
    • Zyoptix Ultimate is very safe because it has iris recognition which prevents wrong eye treatment and wrong treatment to the eye.
    • The Advanced Control Eye Tracking (ACE) Technology ensures accuracy and delivers the laser pulses exactly to the spot on the cornea even in those cases where the patient moved the eye inadvertently during treatment. The optimum Laser speed shortens the treatment time.
    • The aspheric treatment modality in Zyoptix Ultimate enhances quality and prevents blurred vision in dim illumination.
    • The post Lasik visual outcome in Zyoptix Ultimate is excellent and it eliminates the glare/halos and night vision problems.
Apply eye drops as per the doctor’s instruction.Do not expose your eyes to dust
Clean your eye lid margins from the day after your treatment with sterile tissuesDo not touch / rub your eyes.
No headbath for 3 days.Do not splash water into the eye for 4 weeks.
Use protective glass for 3 days.Do not keep your eyes open for long duration.
Use protective glass for 3 days.Do not swim for one month.
Apply Plastic Shield for2 weeks.Do not use eyeliner for one month.
You can watch TV, read books, from the next day onwards.Avoid self-driving for 1 week.
You can work on computers after the 72 hours of your treatment

Why to choose Lotus?

Lotus is the listed corporate eye hospital of India. Lotus has the State-of-art technology backed by ophthalmic experts headed by world renowned Ophthalmologist Dr. S.K.Sundramoorthy. Lotus always updates to new technologies as and when new innovations introduced. Lotus has patient centered lasik team consisting of lasik surgeons, counselors and paramedical. Lotus was pioneer in laser vision correction and introduced Multiscan lasik in 1998 for the first time in India and Epilasik in 2004 for the first time in South East Asia.

Now Lotus has installed the world’s best lasik laser technology “Zyoptix Ultimate” for the perfect vision correction. Lotus has already performed over 35,000 lasik procedures in addition to Epilasik, Zyoptix & Zyoptix Ultimate & Intralase Zyoptix Ultimate. Lotus was honored with best performer award for performing highest number of lasik surgeries in India in the year 2006.

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